we are star-crossed.

"Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water. And everyone you love is made of stardust."

I'm a sporadic sort of person.
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My two favorite kitties Luna and Artemis <3


Because I’m in love with myself— have this selfie here too.

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"whats your sexuality?" "money"

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Poison - Street Fighter/Final Fight
Costume made, modeled and photographed by - Its Raining Neon

Added all of my Poison images posted so far to the poster shop  Nab one! 
All posters are 12x18, signed and customized !!



"My name is Michael Hunter. I was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2013 & was told on June 11, 2014 that I only have a few months left to live if I can’t find a donor. Please help me with my biological family or a donor match! I was born in Columbus, OH 3/1/1985 at Doctor’s North Hospital and given the name Christopher Brown. Please share"

Michael is a friend, I’m asking that you all take the time to share this. He desperately needs a bone marrow donor and there is very limited number of African American donors. Without a donor Michael is going to die.

Michael was adopted and does not know his birth family. We know he has a half brother but have no information about him.

He does not specifically need an African American Donor but because of all of the things that factor into finding a match (blood type, dna tissue etc.) , someone of similar descent is more likely to be a closer match.

If anyone knows anything about Michael’s birth family or if you would like to see if you are a match, please privately message me. I can put you in touch with him and his caregivers directly!

We hope through spreading awareness we can either find his birth family whom he does not know or find a donor match. Michael lives in the Cincinnati, OH area. Please dont just like this or scroll past. Please share this! You could save his life!

BOOST. Its so hard for Black people to find donors.

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