we are star-crossed.

"Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water. And everyone you love is made of stardust."

I'm a sporadic sort of person.
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                                                Too much, it’s {YOU}

                                                Y O U R love

                                               This is - O V E R D O S E -

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Mind Blowing Facts About Dreams>



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Anonymous ASKED:

My crush is 6'0 tall, and super skinny. He has bleach blonde hair and the the prettiest shade of blue eyes ever. His cheeks are always red like he's been mildly sun burned, and get even more red sometimes when we are talking. His hands are super long and thin like a skeleton. his lips always look like they have a smile on them, even when he's frowning. he has a cute nose, and a cute freckle under his eye that you can only see if you're close enough to kiss him. :D



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Who should I draw next? Mamoru and the cats? Chibiusa and the Outer Senshis? Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom guys? halp

(Fashion reference source: style-arena.jp)

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we make noise not clothes
fall–winter 2005–2006, undercoverism

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Final Fantasy X + colourful scenery

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